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The Center of Expertise on Migration and Health 


The UCLA Blum Center partners closely with The Center of Expertise on Migration and Health (COEMH), part of the University of California Global Health Institute (UCGHI). Leveraging talent at all 10 UC campuses, the two centers work synergistically on global health issues impacting Latino immigrants and their communities. 


 Worldwide populations in movement will have health and dignity.


COEMH provides leadership to improve health equity of migrants and refugees around the world. We conduct action-oriented research and policy analyses, create learning opportunities, and disseminate knowledge using innovative methods. We draw upon multidisciplinary scholarship from all UC campuses and our international collaborators.    

Key Features


  • A multi-campus, multi-disciplinary network of experts, students and partners engaged in community-based research, education and policy innovations.
  • Hands-on, action oriented learning experiences related to migrant health issues through fieldwork placements in migrants' communities of origin and destination as well as NGOs and public agencies that interact with immigrant and refugee populations.
  • Opportunities for transnational collaboration between UC and internationally-based researchers.
  • Support for scholars, faculty and students to develop and showcase work in the field of migration and health.  


Upcoming Events 

Visit the COEMH website for updates on events and activities. 

                                          Co-Directors                                                       Co-Associate Directors 



                               Michael Rodríguez          Marc Schenker             David López-Carr         Xóchitl Castañeda
                                  UC Los Angeles                  UC Davis                   UC Santa Barbara              UC Berkeley