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Report from the field: 2015 UCLA Blum Summer Scholar Rafaela Rodríguez, in León, Nicaragua

Summer Scholar Rafaela Rodríguez reports from León, Nicaragua. Rafaela is working with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, León (UNAN-León) on a research study that examines the work that is being done to tackle high rates of teenage pregnancies. Her work consists of interviewing locals in rural communities to produce informed and effective intervention programs for young people. Rafaela educates the community through workshops and chats to create awareness on different types of violence and empowerment for young girls. The UCLA Blum Center is proud of Rafaela's work in Nicaragua!
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MedDreamers Inaugural Fundraiser: A Luncheon & Silent Auction for Undocumented Medical Students at UCLA

MedDreamers at UCLA is working to support undocumented medical students at UCLA with this upcoming luncheon and auction. All ticket sales and donations go directly to a scholarship fund for undocumented medical students at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Purchase your tickets in the first week to get Early Bird pricing, and consider donating online if you can’t make it.
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Report from the field: 2015 UCLA Blum Center Summer Scholar Evelyn Sánchez

2015 UCLA Blum Summer Scholar Evelyn Sánchez shares her experience doing fieldwork in the community of Llano de la Virgen in San Raymundo, Guatemala. Evelyn is working with World Vision Guatemala collecting and analyzing data that measures the impact of maternal, neonatal and child nutrition related to health programs that work to improve the health of mothers, babies and children. Evelyn is excited about the work that she is doing and she enjoys collaborating with the community to yield results that will help improve the well-being of mothers and their children in Guatemala. The UCLA Blum Center is proud of Evelyn's work!
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